Disney World Suffering An ‘Unfathomable’ Drop In Summer Attendance Numbers

Remember when the Disney Grooming Syndicate’s single financial bright spot was their theme parks attendance? Well, no more...



et’s face it… It wasn’t all that bright. But within the context of Disney’s ongoing, slow motion financial collapse, park revenue was something the planned to hold on to. As the Wall Street Journal reported, “Data from a travel company that tracks line-wait times at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla., shows the Independence Day weekend was one of the slowest in nearly a decade.” 

The Touring Plans analysis shows the average posted wait time at the Magic Kingdom park in Florida, which has a special fireworks display on July 4, was 27 minutes this year for the holiday, down from 31 minutes in 2022 and 47 minutes in 2019.

“It’s something that nobody would have predicted—just unfathomable,” says Len Testa, a computer scientist who runs Touring Plans. Testa says the “wait times rose slightly in the days following the July 4th holiday weekend and crowds were relatively light at Universal Orlando, too,” continues the report. BUT! “The average wait time with the Universal Studios Florida theme park was 28 minutes on July 4, down from 38 minutes in 2022 but still in line with 2019 levels.”

So the wait times at Universal are still “in line with 2019.” However, the wait times at Disney are down 47 minutes compared to 2019 — 47 minutes! Hmmmmmm.

The Wall Street Journal blames Disney’s attendance plummet on “fan fatigue” and rising costs. The Journal even suggests Disney is deliberately trying to attract fewer people… “Disney has also intentionally thinned crowds at parks, aiming to improve the park experience for a smaller number of visitors who will spend more money.”

Okay, so Disney wants fewer people at Disney World. That makes sense — Oh, wait… In this very same article, we’re told Disney is offering massive discounts to attract more theme park visitors…

“To attract more visitors to Main Street U.S.A., Disney has rolled out promotions, including discounts for return visits and savings of up to 40% on rooms at some Disney World hotels.”

So which is it, Wall Street Journal? Is Disney looking to decrease or increase theme park attendance? Or…

Could it be that other factors are hurting the Disney World attendance numbers? Perhaps the fact that Disney has openly embraced gay culture & grooming could be a factor? Perhaps Disney sexualizing everything aimed at kids is an influencing factor? Perhaps turning its theme parks into a joyless, Woke Dystopia might have something to do with customers staying away?

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Perhaps decent parents no longer feel it’s safe to expose their impressionable, innocent children to a company desperate to destroy that innocence using drag queens, transsexuals and transvestites?

Perhaps decent parents also don’t want to expose their children to obscenity.

Hey, I’m only asking obvious questions.

The damage Disney has done to itself with its sick and indefensible child grooming crusade is not some right-wing talking point or conspiracy theory. It is very real, deserved and now reflected in all things Disney, including its stock price (down more than half since 2021), its recent string of flop failure movies and its money-losing streaming service.

However, once upon a time, Disney’s theme parks were once seen as bulletproof, the one ray of hope in Disney’s financial meltdown… But then Disney hired a male transvestite to greet and groom children. Disney has promoted the horrors of transgenderism at their theme parks by removing the very idea of biological sex. Disney has also doubled down by politicizing their attractions. In addition, Disney doesn’t seem the least interested in screening out child predators among their Disney World employees.

All Disney needed to do was just leave our kids alone instead of being such slaves to their own depravities. The company appears they would rather go bankrupt than leave kids alone.

I’m no Wall Street genius, but I think parents who are not willing to expose their children to perversities has more to do with poor theme park attendance than a imaginary unicorn called “fan fatigue.” When I was growing up, anyone suggesting it was possible to tire of Disney would have been laughed off the planet. But that was when Disney promoted decency, protected children and sought only to entertain. That was before Disney became the equivalent of some strange guy circling an elementary school in a windowless van.

In other words, Disney has now embraced a business model of pure cultural evil and appears unwilling to control its degenerate fetishes & desires to normalize sex with children.

Decent parents do not desire to expose their children to predators; decent parents will not expose their children to Disney World.


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