DOJ & Ed Department Both Silent After Teachers Use Taxpayer Money To Criminally Push Gender Ideology

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and Department of Education (ED) are silent after dozens of teachers used an ED-funded online workshop last week to “trade tips” on how to break state laws protecting children from radical gender ideology and help transgender-identifying students transition at school without their parents knowing…



ozens of Midwestern teachers met online this week and traded tips on helping trans students change gender at school without their parents’ knowledge, while criticizing a raft of new Republican laws on sex and identity. gained access to an online session hosted by the Midwest and Plains Equity Assistance Center (MAP), which is funded by the Department of Education and attended by some 30 teachers from Michigan, Iowa, Ohio, Illinois and beyond.

In the four-hour workshop, they discussed helping trans students in the face of new laws in Republican-run states on gender, pronouns, names, parents’ rights, bathroom access and sports teams.

The event host Angel Nathan started the session by telling the teachers they would study new state laws in order to “remedy the marginalizing effects and disrupt problematic policies.”

“Some teachers said they followed the rules, but others discussed being ‘subversive,” reported the Daily Mail. One unnamed teacher reportedly stated that his or her own “code of ethics” was above the law and discussed “how to ‘hide’ a trans student’s new name and gender from their parents.”

Some teachers said they followed the rules, but others discussed being ‘subversive,’ how their personal ‘code of ethics’ trumped laws, and how to ‘hide’ a trans student’s new name and gender from their parents.

In the discussion and role-play sessions that followed, the teachers, administrators, principals and counselors spoke about trans students and their families in a way that would alarm many parents.

Kimberly Martin, the DEI coordinator for Royal Oak Schools, which serves 5,000 K-12 students in Michigan, spoke about helping trans students keep their gender change a secret.

Should kids be able to transition at school without their parents knowing?

“We’re working with our record-keeping system so that certain screens can’t be seen by the parents … if there’s a nickname in there we’re trying to hide,” Martin told the online gathering.

Jennifer Haglund, counselor for Ames Community Schools, which serves 5,000 K-12 Iowa students, complained about Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds in March signing a law that bars biological males from competing on female sports teams. She bragged about her “own activism” and of taking part in protest marches.

“I know that I have my own right code of ethics, and that doesn’t always go along with the law,” Haglund boasted. “I think that requires working subversively and quietly sometimes to make sure that trans kids have what they need.”

Shea Martin, an Ohio-based trans educator, who writes a “socialist, feminist, and anti-racist” blog called Radical Teacher, said she has worked against “laws that prohibit or restrict trans advocacy.”

The online session was organized by the Midwest and Plains Equity Assistance Center (MAP), an organization funded by the Department of Education under Title IV of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Last November, MAP was given $8.5 million in federal funding.

The Federalist reached out to the education department and asked if there would be an investigation launched into both MAP and the teachers who are using federal funds to spread information on how to break state laws. The department was also asked if, given that MAP is encouraging illegal activity, there are plans to defund MAP and revoke the more than $8 million in grant money already awarded to the organization. At the time of publication, a response has not been given.

The Federalist also reached out to the DOJ and asked whether, given that the criminal organizing and activity spans across state lines, it will be launching an investigation into MAP. The DOJ did not respond.

Lastly, both agencies were asked if, as a policy, they support efforts to give minors medical treatments without the knowledge or consent of their parents or legal guardians. Neither department has returned a request for comment.

To recap, a number of public school teachers have admitted to breaking state laws and are using federal funds to teach their colleagues how to violate laws protecting children. The Department of Education appears content in funding criminal activity, and the DOJ is too busy prosecuting Trump, covering up the Biden bribery scandal, targeting peaceful pro-lifers, and investigating “terrorist” parents at school board meetings to care.

The Daily Mail also exposed the radical views held by educators regarding sex and gender ideology, which, while not illegal, greatly impacts the worldview of the students they teach for eight hours a day. Martin discussed how to present “sexuality” to elementary students between the ages of five and 10, arguing that teachers should be careful about treating “reinforced heterosexuality as the norm” When talking about men, women, playground crushes, love, and marriage with youngsters.

Finally, Yesenia Jimenez-Captain, the director of educational services at Woodland School District, which serves some 4,600 K-8 students across four schools in Lake County, Illinois, slammed conservative teachers in a nearby district.

Parents and teachers across Illinois have in recent years been angered by Democrat-led efforts to put tampons and sanitary napkins in boys’ bathrooms, so that trans female-to-male students can access them.

Jimenez-Captain told her colleagues about a nearby school board meeting that “exploded in violence” over the tampon controversy. “That became a big violent issue cause the individuals who were involved are also educators … which is sickening.”

“At no point in the session did any teacher say parents might know what’s best for their own kids,” reported the Daily Mail, “nor question whether affirmation-on-demand was the only way to help a trans-identified student.”

Some traditional parents worry about activist teachers influencing kids with radical gender ideas, and even encouraging them to transition. Tensions have led to lawsuits and violent school board meetings across the country.

Republican politicians in Red states have introduced more than 500 bills affecting LGBTQ people this year, with dozens already signed into law, says the Human Rights Campaign, an LGBTQ advocacy group. 

They include laws requiring teachers to tell parents about a student’s new name or pronoun, whether trans students can use bathrooms that don’t correspond with their birth sex, or ban trans girls from participating in girls’ sports.

Conservative parents’ groups have sought to ban books from classrooms and school libraries, including Maia Kobabe’s graphic memoir Gender Queer, about the author’s struggle with their own sexual and gender identity.

Schools are under pressure to assist trans students in this fractious political environment, where the “gender-affirming” model touted by the American Academy of Pediatrics and other bodies, is increasingly called into question.

In November, MAP announced that it had secured an $8.5 million funding arrangement with the Department of Education and millions more elsewhere.

MAP, which hosted the workshop, is part of the Great Lakes Equity Center. It serves 11.2 million students in 7,025 school districts across 13 states.


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