Humanity’s Last Stand: The Digital Nightmare Looming In Our Future

Perhaps you have probably already accepted one or more injections of an unprecedented, dangerous and highly experimental genetic vaccine…



ou may have gone along and allowed your children or parents to accept these injections. Others have been forced to take the jabs or lose their jobs as teachers or first responders, their enrollment at universities and even their medical practices as physicians. If you’ve been among the ones to refuse the vaccines, you’ll soon be facing an even more difficult and potentially more threatening challenge — an implanted digital chip sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The UN WHO Is Now Collaborating With The EU

Without serious resistance, the chips will be on their way to flooding the world as rapidly or faster than the experimental genetic vaccines did for COVID-19. On June 6, 2023, the World Health Organization (WHO), an agency of the United Nations, announced that it was collaborating with the European Union (EU) to develop a universal worldwide ID chip for insertion into the bodies of everyoneon the planet.

WHO boasts that it has already developed a Global Digital Health Certification Network (GDHCN) that has already been adopted by “all Member States of the EU as well as 51 non-EU countries and territories.” The GDHCN is intended as a “trust network” or a “trust anchor,” which can be used as a platform for various other digital systems, including those run by governments. It’s ironic — one of the least trustworthy agencies in the world boasts of having the trust of the nations of the world.

The Coming Propaganda Avalanche

The propaganda avalanche will equal or exceed that for the experimental COVIC vaccines. In the very near future, people will rush to get the chip put in their bodies, if only because it seems at a glance to be much less dangerous than the jabs. Or it too will be forced on you, for your “convenience,” definitely for “your own good” and even more so “for the good of everyone else—all of humanity.”  You will also be instructed to be proud of how much it has reduced “your carbon imprint” while helping you make life better for everyone. Given how nearly everyone submitted to the COVID genetic, experimental vaccines, the authorities are certain they will meet little resistance to installing the “harmless” chip in your body for your own convenience and the smoother functioning of the world. 

They will claim that being “chipped” will streamline your life, making you more efficient and less encumbered. You won’t need a passport to travel or even a credit card to charge your purchases. No more need for a wallet with your driver’s license or your insurance cards. And no more easily misplaced keys — your chip will open all the doors you are allowed or intended to open. You won’t have to worry about exceeding your travel limits in your fifteen-minute city because your chip will signal you when you approach the limit set on your excursions — or maybe even disable your car from going any further.

Without much fanfare, the globalists will automatically add all of your health information and all of your financial information to your chip without you even knowing it. Your location at any time up to the exact moment will be logged into your chip. So will the history and current state of your biometrics. Eventually, it will probably contain records of all your phone calls, emails, texts, and other forms of communication.

Yes, Your personal Financial Data Will Also Be On The Chip

How do you know that the ultimate goal is to integrate even your “finances” into the new digital system? First, because the central banks of the world are simultaneously developing a digital currency, called Central Bank Digital Currency (BBCD), which has already been implemented in Communist China. And because in another statement on its global health aims, the World Health Organization has laid out its all-inclusive plans.

The UN Global Strategy On Digital Health 2020-2025

The purpose of a Global Strategy on Digital Health is to promote healthy lives and well-being for everyone, everywhere, at all ages. To deliver its potential, national or regional Digital Health initiatives must be guided by a robust strategy that integrates financial, organizational, human, and technological resources. [emphases added]

Your Social Credit Score

Your Social Credit Score will become a centerpiece of information on your chip, and will indicate how well you’re adhering to the official narrative in everything you do and say. As in all such efforts to control us, there will be information gathered on you that you never imagined, including stuff “they” have concocted for you to frame you, your group, or your community if necessary. 

Anyone with the proper authority — and that will include increasing numbers of officials and their staff—will have instant access to anything on your chip. With AI, they will retrieve your data much faster than you can find your own stuff on your own computer. And the chip will control all of your electronics, including your smartphone, your computers, your door locks, and maybe even your heart monitor if the Global Health Service has allowed you to have one. You will not have access to all the data on your own chip, but officials will.

We Will Be Living Completely At Their Mercy

The predators ruling us will be able to block many of your choices. With the press of a button, or maybe a voice command to a computer, they will be able to turn off your electronics and basically isolate you as a pariah, outcast, or exile. They will explain that this power is necessary to maintain the best law and order in the history of humanity.

“Comply & Humanity Dies”

“Comply &Humanity Dies” are the words of Diana West in response to the new digital chip threat. Diane is one of the greatest researchers into the totalitarian threats against America, going back to the Communist infiltration of the Roosevelt Administration during World War II. She warns that once people accept being chipped, all humanity will irrevocably lose its freedom. Dianna makes her remarks in response to an essay by pharmaceutical whistleblower Michael Yeadon.

I have no better words with which to conclude than those of Michael Yeadon:

This is a moment when I ask that you pause and spend time contemplating life in a system where you can’t do anything that matters without digital permission. They’ve no right to do this; if installed, I see no way it’ll ever be removed.

So this development, as it approaches, is in my view, free humanity’s last stand. ✪


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