JB Shurk: Evil Never Takes A Holiday

‚≠źÔłŹ Joan

✪ Many good people whom I respect tell me that the Marxist left have already won and that there is no longer any point in fighting.  I disagree for many reasons, but I will list three: 



History is simply saturated with pivotal moments that radically altered what otherwise appeared to be the course of destiny.¬†¬†In fact, I would say that history is really written only when good men and women find their backs against the wall and realize that the only way to preserve their free will is to fight like hell and buck everything that stands against them.¬†¬†Suffering has a tendency to focus the mind and strengthen resolve.¬†¬†Character truly reveals itself only when it is tested.¬†¬†I’ll take a spirited and courageous insurgency that knows why it is fighting over an army of automatons enfeebled by groupthink.

(2) When fighting evil, there are no half-measures.¬†¬†There is no point when you kick back, light a cigarette, and say to yourself, “Dang, evil sure did get the best of me this time.”¬†¬†Huh-uh.¬†¬†You fight evil even if you find yourself hanging with fingertips from a cliff’s edge while the devil is smirking above and crushing your hand.¬†¬†It doesn’t matter how compromised you feel; all you have to do is tell the devil to stick it where the sun don’t shine.¬†¬†Your refusal to submit is your greatest weapon.¬†¬†Others will find inspiration in your indefatigability and push ahead, too.¬†¬†

(3) Even if you think things are irreversibly bad, apathy guarantees that they will get only worse.¬†¬†There¬†will¬†be a time in the future when you are being forcefully herded onto a train car headed for¬†who knows where,¬†and you will think to yourself, “If only I had resisted earlier…”¬†¬†Now ask yourself, “What would I be willing to do today to avoid that train car tomorrow?”¬†¬†If fighting back is never going to get any easier, then that makes today¬†the best day¬†to begin kicking and screaming against what’s already barreling down the track.¬†¬†Your future self will thank you.

I also disagree that it is too late to win.¬†¬†There is a reason the permanent Deep State now resorts to¬†sham trials, censorship and¬†political persecution: it no longer has the time to pretend to respect free speech or the rule of law.¬†¬†A century of slow but steady marching toward a Marxist technocratic super-state has given way to overt public harassment, coercion, and easily recognizable propaganda. The Left’s deceptive veil has been lifted, and tyranny now has a face in all those politicians who openly support¬†punishing dissent¬†and constructing a modern-day¬†Ministry of (dis)Information.¬†¬†

The petty totalitarians have moved from a marathon’s pace to a sprint not because the finish line is just ahead, but because too many ordinary people have begun to figure out what is going on around them.¬†¬†The Left has been slowly herding Westerners like a flock of sheep to a pen down the road, but now the sheepdogs have begun nudging the herd toward a different direction.¬†¬†In the process, it appears that there are a lot more sheepdogs hiding among the sheep than anybody ever knew.¬†¬†That is a problem for the wolves who have assumed that they could lock everyone into a new cage and begin feasting without a fight.¬†¬†The wolves have become visibly authoritarian because unexpected resistance has made them foolishly desperate.

Allow me to offer a few recent examples of their foolish desperation:

In Ontario, a thirty-five-year-old man named¬†Garnet Harper recently passed away¬†after he was denied a kidney transplant for refusing to take the experimental COVID cocktails.¬†¬†While his young wife was comforting him on his deathbed, one of Canada’s organ-harvesting outfits called her to ask for Garnet’s organs once he passed.¬†¬†The chutzpah of their request floored Meghan Harper, Garnet’s widow.¬†¬†“He wasn’t good enough to receive organs from them,” but they had no qualms about seeking to divvy up his body parts before he had even died.¬†¬†“I said I’m not going to be participating in this program as long as people like my husband are not eligible to receive organs.”

Government-directed medicine saw Garnet Harper as sub-human, someone whose life was not worthy of saving, but whose body was valuable as a source of spare parts for other, perhaps more obedient, Canadians.¬†¬†“Our governments are and have been engaged in social murder,”¬†wrote¬†Randy Hiller, a former member of Ontario’s provincial Parliament, in response to Harper’s death.¬†¬†Why would Canadian authorities choose to sacrifice a man in the prime of his life?¬†¬†Because Marxist globalists value citizen compliance over all else.¬†¬†The Canadian Deep State, just as with the D.C. Deep State, has rejected liberty for State coercion.¬†¬†It propagates evil.¬†¬†And more people than ever before are witnesses to that truth.

In Oregon, a similar health-related incident is unfolding.¬†¬†A Portland-area hospital has¬†refused to continue a woman’s cancer treatments¬†because of her unacceptable “wrongthink.”¬†¬†Her thoughtcrime?¬†¬†She criticized the cancer clinic’s prominently displayed “trans” flag hanging over the entrance.¬†¬†

The cancer patient happens to be a proponent of biological reality who has been threatened repeatedly by “trans” activists for her old-fashioned views grounded in actual science.¬†¬†From her¬†point of view, confronting an “enormous transgenderism banner hanging like a Nazi flag” whenever she comes for life-saving cancer treatment is deeply uncomfortable.¬†¬†Ignoring her health concerns, the hospital staff instead terminated her care due to her “ongoing disrespectful and hurtful remarks” against the “trans” ideology.¬†¬†

No doubt the hospital never would have considered hanging a Christian flag over the entrance to its cancer treatment facilities.¬†¬†Somehow, I suspect, the same people who see themselves as heroically “tolerant” would ironically not be tolerant of Jesus Christ’s offer of hope and redemption for all.¬†¬†Hospital staff who have a duty to tend to the sick choose instead to inflict harm on any patients “judged” as not sufficiently “deserving.”¬†¬†

The kicker?¬†¬†The hospital offered her a path back to treatment if she consented to “re-education.”¬†¬†Your mind or your life¬†‚ÄĒ that’s the Marxist left’s ongoing threat.¬†¬†For her part, the cancer-sufferer refused.¬†¬†If a woman’s character is her fate, as Heraclitus¬†observed, then I expect this courageous freethinker to have a meaningful life.¬†¬†She is certainly inspiring others with her bravery.

Finally, I want to draw your attention to two different criminal cases in California.¬†¬†First, a sick bastard who¬†tortured and beat two babies to death¬†is no longer on death row, but rather living comfortably in a women’s prison, where he is awaiting breast implants as part of his “transgender” care.¬†¬†Governor Newsom not only suspended his death sentence, but also signed The Transgender Respect, Agency and Dignity Act into law that grants male prisoners the right to be housed in women’s facilities while using taxpayer money for surgeries to make people sort of resemble the opposite sex.¬†¬†This evil man committed atrocities, and Gavin Newsom will reward him with fake compassion that only serves to polish his “woke”¬†bona fides¬†while putting actual female prisoners in danger.¬†¬†

At the same time, Stockton police have¬†opened an investigation¬†into the 7-11 employees recently recorded beating a shoplifter who had threatened to shoot them.¬†¬†In California, criminals have rights.¬†¬†Citizens do not.¬†¬†Self-defense is not permitted; California insists that you hand over your life in the name of “political correctness.”

Good people cannot compromise with this kind of treachery.  The Marxist left now openly sponsors wickedness.  People with character find their backs against the wall.  That dreaded train car is barreling down the track.  Evil must be confronted.  Resistance is everything.  Grab one weapon and hold it tightly: the truth. ✪


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