Joe Biden’s Losing Streak Continues

Ignore the regime media memo – this guy is not winning. Our alleged president just got up on what looked like a set for the movie “D For Dementia” and basically accused half the country of being Nazis. That’s not going on the offense; that’s going on the defense.

He’s cutting his loses. He’s not trying to win new voters. He’s trying to solidify his base, which itself is falling apart between the commies who want more communism than he can deliver and the libs of habit who usually vote Dem but are noticing their bank accounts draining as their gas pump meter runs. It’s all just getting worse for him – this attempt to stop the electoral massacre of Democrats in November is a bigger fiasco than a Bulwark staffer’s wedding night, though with somewhat less crying.

Still, the regime media is huffing hard to get you to believe there’s some big turnaround. “Don’t believe your lying, semi-fascist eyes! Biden’s back – look at those cool aviator glasses!”

This is delusional. Or cynical. Take your pick, or take both. Regardless, it’s all bullSchiff.

Oooooooh, impressive – the meme team at the White House have their Dark Brandon thing and that’s really owning the cons! Nonsense. It’s Dork Brandon, and everyone see’s he’s failing except him. But, in his defense, he is an idiot who is also senile.

The Inflation Reduction Act has not and will not reduce inflation. Was this some great victory? He got 10% of what his minions were after. And, despite the law’s title, it will increase inflation and provide a never-ending stream of stories about Democrat donors cashing in on the climate scam gravy train. He claimed victory, but no one cares – until inflation increases and then they will hate him even more. You could call it a Pyrrhic victory, except the credentialed cretins who run the administration have no idea what that is.

How about the student loan thing? Well, the privileged deadbeats with Marxist Mime masters degrees are interpretive dancing in the streets, but normal people are wondering why they have to work to pay the tab for the smug and useless Kadens and Ashleighs of the Ivy League. Here’s a giveaway on how it’s polling. Grandpa Badfinger did not mention it during his “People Opposing My Communist-Inspired Idiocy Are A Threat To Muh Democracy” speech. Not once. Do you think that he would not have made mention of it if the focus groups they test this crap on had rated giving free money to deadbeat liberal jerks higher than monkeypox and boudoir photos of an oiled Brian Stelter, who is an unemployed potato? Nope. 

And that speech – you look at the lighting, the content, and the messenger, and you wonder how much dope they had to smoke to get to the point where they thought that bizarre tableau was a good idea. Blue check Twitter and the pinhead platoon on MSNBCNN ate it up, which is not surprising. It was directed at them and no one else. Normal people, even ones not aboard the Trump Train, either didn’t watch it or were appalled. No one in the real world is eager for the civil conflict that gets the left turgid – and normal people do not plan to fight one for the left’s amusement either.

Here’s how bad it was –Heart Attack Shrek couldn’t find time from smushing pill bugs to go attend the Philadelphia speech. When a speech is so self-defeating that even Gabba Gabba John Fetterman figures that it will hurt his weird run for senator, it says something. And that something is that they are losing.

Look at the polls, but don’t get too into them. Look at trends. As anyone who has been through a couple election cycles before foresaw, the in-party was doing terribly through the spring, then there was the dead cat bounce in the summer, and then the historical trend reasserted itself. The polls generally show the GOP rising again and the Commander-In-Crusty’s approval dropping. Republican candidates are growing stronger. Again, you should trust regime polling as far as you can throw Michael Moore, but the trends are clear. And it’s only now we are entering the post-Labor Day period where normal people actually start paying attention.

Do you think that Delaware Gumby looks better when people pay attention to him and his sorry record?

Here’s the thing. The regime media is trying to make the “fetch” that is a subsiding red wave happen. It’s not going to happen. We patriots have the correlation of forces on our side. We have the historical trend – the out-party almost always does better in mid-terms. We have some very good candidates, regardless of what the regime media tries to tell & convince us otherwise. Plus, critically, we have an opposition leader who is a desiccated old daughter-showering pervert whose desperation is showing and who is an anchor around the necks of every Democrat trying to swim against the tide.

Nothing this clown does is consistent with the manufactured narrative that he’s winning. He’s losing.

But we can’t count on that. We still need to earn our victory. Be steadfast.

Support your candidates. Get out and VOTE in November.

And don’t fall for the “You Republicans are gonna lose” okey-doke.

We aren’t going to lose. We are going to mop the floor with them.✪


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