McDonald’s Changes Their Social Media Profile Name On Twitter To ‘Amplifying Black Voices’

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McDonald’s has changed its Twitter display name to “Amplifying Black Voices,” adding a profile banner that lists Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Alton Sterling, Botham Jean, Atatiana Jefferson, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd as victims of “racism” and “systemic oppression.”

The brand’s Twitter banner reads:

Trayvon Martin. Michael Brown. Alton Sterling. Botham Jean. Atatiana Jefferson. Ahmaud Arbery. George Floyd.

He was one of us. She was one of us. They were all one of us. We seem them in our customers. We see them in our crew members. We see them in our franchisees. And this is why the entire McDonald’s family grieves. It’s why we stand for them and any other victims of systemic oppression and violence. Today with stand with Black communities across America. Which is why we’re donating to the National Urban League and the NAACP. We do not tolerate inequity, injustice, or racism.

“Black trans women have a very simple message: stop killing us,” the international corporation relayed in a video created by Imara Jones, a fellow of George Soros’s Open Society Foundations.

McDonald’s shared a quote asking about the volume of “black storytelling” in video games.

“Anti-racist research” is needed to examine “racist policy,” according to a quote shared by the brand.

McDonald has aligned itself with NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace’s allegation that a “noose” had been placed in his garage.

McDonald’s also shared its political messaging via Instagram and Facebook — though it has not changed the display names on those accounts. It has not yet posted any BLM-related content on its Pinterest page.

Weeks ago, the company announced its intent to donate $1 million to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the National Urban League.

McDonald’s launched a “Black and Positively Golden” section on its website, including a related Instagram account, described by the restaurant chain as “a new movement to uplift communities through education, empowerment, and entrepreneurship. It tells stories of truth, power, and pride, and focuses on the people and places that are the greatest expression of Black excellence.”

On the “Global Diversity, Inclusion & Community Engagement” of its website, McDonald’s describes itself as “committed to diversity.”


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