OP-ED: Socialism & Communism Are Just Dem Weasel Words For Slavery

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✪ Marxism is literally slavery. Let’s say it every chance we get: As America moves toward communism, it moves toward slavery…



ommunism is clearly a modern form of slavery, as I’ll explain below. Yet recent opinion polls show that communism is ridiculously popular with younger generations of Americans, especially when it’s presented as “socialism.”

In 2020, 49 percent of Gen Z and 47 percent of Millennials said they viewed socialism favorably, numbers that dipped slightly in 2022. That same year, 58 percent of young Democrats said they had a positive view of socialism (compared with only 29 percent who had a positive view of capitalism). These numbers are all the more horrifying when you consider what communism actually demands of us.

Communism is slavery that poses as justice. This has been proven over 100 years of history and by at least 100 million murders at the hands of communist regimes treating their human subjects as chattel. Socialism is the weasel word that paves the path to the slavery we politely call communism or Marxism.

I’ve grown frustrated with well-meaning people who bend over backward to try to explain how Marxism doesn’t work or how capitalism is so much better for a healthy economy. These perfectly reasonable arguments fall flat because they’re incomprehensible to the vast majority of Americans today.

We occasionally see statements that compare slavery and communism. They’ve come from a survivor of Maoist China, a public intellectual, the Victims of Communism Foundation, a 19th-century political philosopher, and even First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt; but it simply isn’t enough.

The similarity between Marxism and slavery must be shouted from the rooftops, not reduced to an academic argument. We must build on the emotional understanding people already have of slavery’s evils if we hope to escape the bondage of communism.

Globalist Marxism Takes Slavery To Its Ultimate Level

The hour is late. Along with governments worldwide, America is sliding hard into socialism. Our overlords are fast eroding freedom under the guise of justice. Communism is designed to centralize the power of a small “vanguard” over the vast majority. If this process continues, people inevitably end up reduced to chattel controlled by one central master. Today that’s made up of an oligarchy of billionaires, politicians, corporate CEOs and technocrats.

This collective master is not hiding its intention to control the entire means of production, the food supply, education, employment, transportation, information, pop culture, sports, medicine; and ultimately, your personal life and relationships.

The self-appointed benefactors in communist societies intend to distribute goods and services according to a social credit system modeled on China’s. Your access to goods and services will depend on your political compliance. The Covid mandates served as a test run to check our levels of compliance. Your job is to have nothing, obey orders and of course, be happy in your slavery.

To better understand the urgency, let’s take a quick look at some of the key features of communism, how they are reflected in slavery, and how chillingly close we have already come to losing our freedom in America.

There are four areas in particular where government is moving toward such total control that it reflects a master-slave relationship: communication, property rights, due process and private life.

‘Slavery Cannot Tolerate Free Speech’

Communism is profoundly anti-thought and anti-speech.  Communist regimes outlaw any perspectives other than their own. Speech and reading are confined to propaganda only. During the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917, Vladimir Lenin quickly decreed the takeover of all media outlets. Shutting down free expression is key to all totalitarian governments from Nazi Germany to Communist China.

Communist regimes also require you to accept absurdities, such as the slogan “Freedom is Slavery!” of Orwell’s novel 1984. Compelled speech, self-censorship, and cancel culture are all elements central to communism.

In 1860, abolitionist Frederick Douglass emphasized that free speech “is the right which they [tyrants] first of all strike down. … Slavery cannot tolerate free speech.” Laws prohibited slaves from learning how to read so they were kept isolated, ignorant, and compliant. Slaves who didn’t adequately self-censor were whipped, sold, or even killed.

And in America today? We see constant government and Big Tech attempts to silence dissent under the guise of protecting us from “disinformation.” The goal is to enforce the propagandistic narrative in all institutions, particularly in education and media. Censorship is also corrupting medicine, sports, finance and the military.

Americans are quickly learning they have no right to speak their mind on obvious questions such as, “How did a female-identifying male swimmer move from a ranking of No. 554 to No. 1?” without risking social punishment.

New absurdities emerging in America today include asserting that “speech is violence,” compelling speech through “gender identity” laws that require pronoun protocols, and referring to pregnant women as “womb-havers.”

The End Of Property Rights: Own Nothing & Be Happy

Personal ownership of land, a business, or anything of value is particularly hateful to communists. Likewise, slaves were expected to own nothing and be happy.

And just as a master who buys and sells human beings feels justified entering slave quarters at any time, so the communist dictator sends his thugs to conduct politicized raids in homes. This is a feature of all totalitarian systems.

And where are we now? This exact communism-slavery sentiment — “You’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy” — was central to the 2016 World Economic Forum promotional video “8 Predictions for the World in 2030.”

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The goal is always total dependence on the master regime. We long ago reached the tipping point of over 50 percent of Americans dependent upon government aid, which doesn’t even account for the benefits showered on illegal aliens.

For decades, the government has been federalizing huge swaths of land over which it controls access and entry. It uses taxation — accelerated by the desolation imposed during the Covid era — to shut down businesses and home-buying.

We see “law enforcement” conducting politically motivated raids of private residences, often warrantless. Federal agents raid Amish farms. The FBI seizes the contents of countless safe deposit boxes without cause. Politically incorrect Americans are routinely de-banked and targeted by the IRS.

Due Process & Rule Of Law Don’t Exist Under Communism

Pre-dawn raids were a specialty in Stalinist Russia, a clear indicator that due process does not exist in communist regimes. “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime,” bragged Stalin’s Chief of Secret Police Lavrenty Beria. Show trials in kangaroo courts followed by quick execution of the accused were standard practice in all radical utopian revolutions from the French Revolution to Mao’s China and beyond.

Slaves are treated no differently. The master did as he pleased to slaves, and the law was silent.

We’re moving toward this scenario with the erosion of rule of law and due process in America. Diversity, equity and inclusion tribunals in all of our institutions can use anonymous “bias response” reports to punish any accused offender. Officially sanctioned virtual lynchings are fast replacing due process.

Any fair-minded person can see that the recent show trial of Donald Trump was meant to dispose of a political opponent. The charges and timing were obviously contrived and politically motivated. The same goes for the hundreds of protesters on Jan. 6 who believed they were simply exercising their First Amendment right to petition their grievances but ended up thrown in jail — and even solitary confinement — without a trial date.

Ten years ago, Wisconsin district attorneys ordered raids on the homes of Gov. Scott Walker’s supporters. Today, the FBI conducts political raids on homes from President Donald Trump’s residence down to those of unknown pro-life activists.

Family Separation & Invasion Of Private Life

Communist regimes also impose cruel isolation from loved ones, often by inciting political hostilities where hostilities never existed before.

Consider Stalinist Russia, where 13-year-old Pavlik Morozov became a national hero for essentially snitching on his father’s political incorrectness, leading to his father’s execution. Soviet schoolchildren were taught they must emulate Pavlik if they wanted to be socially accepted. All such communist systems teach children that their first loyalty must be to the master state.

Likewise, slaves were sold on the auction block, brutally separated from loved ones.

America’s move toward socialism comes with many indicators that we’re losing the right to family cohesion and the right to bring up our own children. Family breakdown seems to have been designed by our political overlords, whose power grows when people are isolated. Covid mandates even forced our loved ones to die in isolation.

We have an education system that mind-rapes children under the banner of social and emotional learning. We see states promote abortion for minors and the social and surgical transing of children without parental knowledge.

We are also losing our right to defend ourselves, our families, or even strangers in distress. Consider the case of Daniel Penny, who was charged with murder for trying to protect himself and other New York subway riders from being attacked. We are also quickly losing our right to refuse untested injections into our bodies.

So let’s dispense with the formalities. Nobody needs to hear a dissertation on Marxism versus capitalism to understand that Marxism is literally slavery. Let’s say it every chance we get: As America moves toward communism, it moves toward slavery. But we abolished slavery once in this country. We can do it again. ✪




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