The Military Is Embracing A Dangerous Woke Anti-American Ideology

If WWII happened today, the United States would fly bombers over Nazi Germany filled with ANTIFA pamphlets, and then when some of the bombers got shot down, we would burn our own cities in protest of NAZI atrocities – NAZI cities being too far removed from the nearest Starbucks for us to bother burning THEIR cities…

And we would do the same thing with England, as Churchill was not a communist (ANTIFA being the brownshirts of the German Communists). The only country we would get along with would be the now-defunct Soviet Union.

The purpose of a military is to defend your borders while projecting power overseas. The military’s job, according to General Norman Schwartzkopf (the US Commander in charge of Desert Storm), is to “kill people and break things” – and of course, to train to kill people and break things, lest doing so become necessary. Killing people and breaking things is serious work. There is no room for ‘woke.’

The people leading the Air Force Academy are intentionally making our Air Force weak – intentionally reducing our military readiness and the willingness to fight. These people should be locked up for sedition, as should the military brass ordering them to adopt these policies.

That’s not entirely true. The Air Force is reducing the willingness of Airmen to fight other countries. Let us not forget that Joe Biden said that to use the Second Amendment for its original purpose, we would need to be able to fight F15s. In other words, if we defend our liberties in support of the Constitution, the Air Force is not on our side.

The Air Force is being prepared to ‘kill people and break things’ within our own country. The Air Force is being prepared to kill our own people.

And it is not just the Air Force that is being made ‘woke.’ It is the entire Department of Defense – the Army, the Navy – even my beloved Marine Corps!

Our military leadership is training our military away from fighting external enemies, focusing instead on cramming a dangerous and anti-American ideology down our military’s throat, which does two things:

ONE: Repurposes the military as a force that can be used against the American people, and…

TWO: Repurposes the military to act as an internal enemy of the Constitution of the United States.

Currently, those who join still pledge to “support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” That pledge will have to change to one where service members pledge to defend, not the Constitution, but the country

By continuing to have the military pledge to defend the Constitution while simultaneously training the military to be an enemy of the Constitution, our military is making it impossible for members of the military to continue to serve without violating their oath. It simply cannot be done. Members must choose either to continue to serve, or to give true faith and obedience to their oath of service, resigning on conscientious objector grounds – on the grounds that the government of this country is violating the Constitution in ways that make it impossible to defend that government in good faith.

We are unique in that we have our service members pledge to a document rather than to a country or a person. By pledging to a document, those who serve pledge to a set of ideals, and these particular ideals are grounded in the freedom and liberty of the people.

We know from the Declaration of Independence that “whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government.”

When you pledge to defend ideals, you may be called upon to fight your own country should it turn against those ideals – as we see so very clearly happening today.

If we change the pledge to one where those who serve pledge to defend the country, then they would be by extension pledging to defend those who run the country, no matter what ideology they may embrace, and no matter what they may do.

In other words, when there is conflict between the government and the people, a military that is pledged to defend the Constitution would generally side with the people in fighting the government, whereas a military that is pledged to defend the country would always be expected to side with the government in fighting the people.

Who would our military side with today? That’s a good question best answered with another question: how ‘woke’ are they?

Keep an eye on the pledge of service. When that changes – and it will – it will indicate we can no longer fix our country through legislative processes and must either give up our ideals, or take arms against our country. ✪


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