The United Nations Is Now Muscling In On U.S. Police Reform

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The New World Order ever-seeking United Nations is about to jump, four square, into the U.S. reformation of police force initiatives—politicizing them even further than they already are. Little known and rarely ever written about, the World’s biggest bureaucracy, by virtue of city mayors and councillors aiding and abetting ‘peaceful’ protesters now holding cities like Seattle hostage, is the biggest player in the globalist fight to defund and even abolish American police forces.

Not only is Seattle a U.N. Agenda 21/30 City-so are some 600 and still counting, other American cities. The list of 600 or so cities is from a WayBackMachine Archives List because ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, Local Governments for Sustainability) deleted the link in 2012). 

“The United Nations Association – Greater Seattle Chapter is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that supports the work of the United Nations as one of a number of local chapters of the United Nations Association of the United States (UNA-USA). UNA Seattle encourages active civic participation in the most important social and economic issues facing the world today, from global health and human rights to the spread of democracy to equitable and sustainable development.”  ( “Our Mission: UNA-GSC is dedicated to educating, inspiring and mobilizing members of the Greater Seattle community to support the principles and vital work of the United Nations and to advocate for full engagement by the United States in the United Nations.” 

Towns and cities long ago hijacked by the United Nations Agenda 21/2030 have already completed the process and are now owned lock, stock and barrel by the UN without their citizens even being aware of it. (Canada Free Press, June 22, 2019)

“Although it’s now a worldwide trend, the list of ICLEI-controlled cities in the U.S. and Canada is stupendous.”

The inhabitants of some 1,200 cities—600 of them American—do not even know they’ve been hijacked by the UN’s Agenda 21/30. Without their inhabitants even being aware of it, the UN is as much an enemy to U.S. sovereignty as the European Union is to the sovereignty of European nations.

 Agenda 21/30 is hard to nail down. It suits to a ‘t’ the old saying: “It would be like trying to nail jelly to a wall.” Prominent among the claims that it doesn’t exist is the one defining Agenda 21/30 as “a non-binding resolution not a treaty, which carries no legal authority from which any nation is bound to act. It has no teeth.” (Tom DeWeese).

Of course Agenda 21 has no teeth, it only has fangs. (Canada Free Press, Aug. 20, 2012)

A huge part of the problem in trying to fight off ownership by Agenda 21 are the multiple names and descriptions for it and the tons of U.N. paper produced to keep it recycled through the countless bureaucrats in villages, towns and cities.

A veritable moving target that never goes away, Agenda 21 has more pages and as many clauses as the unread Health Bill known as ObamaCare. Some day when historians are sifting through the ashes of what was once the Free West trying to determine what happened,  they will discover that freedom was lost through ‘The Agenda That Wasn’t Really There’.

It was always difficult for the masses to catch on to the game-plan with the U.N. masquerading as ‘Grand Peace Central.’ Though word leader lemmings and the U.N. have turned citizen suspicion of the all-encompassing Agenda 21 into conspiracy theory, ‘The Agenda That Wasn’t Really There’ is the world’s most clear and present danger. As patriots try to define it, the U.N. continues to change it just as the far left keeps moving the goal posts.

The best definition of Agenda 21 comes right from the U.N. itself.  In 1993, the U.N. published ‘Agenda 21: The Earth Summit Strategy to Save Our Planet:’

Agenda 21 proposes an array of actions which are intended to be implemented by every person on earth
it calls for specific changes in the activities of all people
Effective execution of Agenda 21 will require a profound reorientation of all humans, unlike anything the world has ever experienced.

Written in benign-sounding, Save-Mother-Earth style under the ruse of environmentalism,  this major undertaking is the mechanism to confiscate privately held lands; the ironclad means to dictate to people from all walks of life, where they can live, what they can eat and drink, what to drive, and how to heat and light their apartments or homes.

Agenda 21 is a blight extending over all countries in the world, much worse than the killer flu bugs about which the U.N.  through its World Health Organization (WHO) constantly sends out its dire warnings.

The Agenda’s main focus is currently the United States of America—which incredibly pays the lion’s share of the U.N.’s freight. Why are world cities marching lemming like toward the edge of the cliff?

“Like a cancer, ICLEI begins to infest the local government policy, training city employees to think only in terms of Sustainable Development, and replacing local guidelines with international codes, rules and regulations.” (Tom DeWeese)

Before muscling in on the globalist fight to defund and abolish American police forces, the UN picked up steam from the Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez-led Green New Deal.

It is more important than ever for Americans to understand what the UN Agenda 21/30 is all about. Citizens pressed for time can easily navigate their way through the long wordage and deceit of what the UN Agenda 21/30 is all about by clicking on to the Newsletter.

Meanwhile, for the sake of survival and American sovereignty:  ‘Get the U.N. out of America and America out of the UN.


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