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Antifa & Black Lives Matter Forget Marx Was A Racist

No matter what we may think about race relations in America, the awful death of George Floyd, the usual black leaders who some call defenders of justice and others call race hustlers; or, the dreadful predicament of too many of those of color and non-color in America, we are beginning to realize race, the nuclear bomb of politics, is being tossed about with abandon for a much larger reason other than race. That reason is Marxism.

Marxism is the duct tape of ideologies. It solves all problems. Class structure? Marxism fixes that! Labor movement? It really moves with Marx! Income distribution? Flattened! Sexism? Nonexistent! Healthcare? Free! Genderism? All are equal! Education. Available for all! Workers’ paradise? But of course, comrade! And the environmental crisis? Got it!

Marxism and its variants not only distort history, ignore human nature, and seek to make man a cog in a great collective machine, it is also the most devious, mutating, deceptive dogma since Milton fully exposed Beelzebub in Paradise Lost. Today we hear about true socialists being elected to Congress, witness a “Social” Democrat run for President (as Bernie would say, “a ‘Social Democrat’ not a Socialist”) and read that about half of youth in America think capitalism has run its course – time for the elixir!

Yet socialism, communism, or whatever Marx had in mind, comes with a difficult history of millions killed, millions starved, and lives of pure misery. When things don’t work out, the solution for Marxists is always the same: kill history. Still, Marxism is like everything else today, it requires views, eyes, and clicks on digital media. And, it needs to stir people to action. Marxism is a total plan (amorphous, imprecise, and unclear, but … a total plan so total is it totalitarian). But that plan requires Hope and Change.

Marx thought of everything! Well, most stuff. Marx saw history as coming in three waves. The first two were feudalism and capitalism. The third phase is Communism – so do not worry your pretty little mind, it is coming no matter what you do. This inevitability is comforting to Marxists and is often convincing to those who do not question (or, read good). The Marxist theory, story, or narrative is just too darn comforting. So the masses who do not think critically (American college students in particular) resign themselves to it.

However, one detail often overlooked is Marx was a racist – a fact I will ask you to ignore since I know many readers will want to tear down statues of Marx and abandon the Marxist followers who lead Marxist Antifa (MANTIFA) and Marxist Black Lives Matter (MBLM).* In fact, since the inconvenient truth of Marx’s racial profiling emerged in the 1970s, the world Comintern of Marxist followers has endeavored to kill the history, or rewrite it. These dedicated followers are racism enablers.

Marx’s theory requires a total change to society that will phase out private ownership. He led us to believe this would just happen. Modern Marxists are less patient. For them, every day is the first day of spring and requires a good house cleaning. Out with the old to make room for the new. To achieve that you must have a revolution. Marxism is so good, so appealing, and so phantasmic, Marxists believe that once you get the crowd stirred up, Marx’s vision will just pervade and prevail. So step one is to get people fired up so they destroy everything (including Walmart, Target, Nike stores, and statues).

Marx initially wanted to motivate 19th-century, uneducated workers to rise up. He appealed to their hatred of class structure. But that class structure stuff seems kind of old-fashioned today. Class, envy, and resentment are fine. But when people are glued to their iPhones to catch up on Twitter and Instagram, can a primal argument be made that we are all being exploited and starving at the hands of the greedy capitalists? A second flat screen, a Bosch dishwasher in the remodeled kitchen, a next-generation Apple laptop, and a refrigerator full of craft beer are signs that life is not a struggle. When you don’t have to eat meat in order to protect animal rights, you are not being exploited – really. So class struggle no longer has that zing!

Well, how about sexual discrimination? It is everywhere. Except when 56 percent of college freshman are female, we know it is not. Maybe the Marxists could appeal to genderism. My New York Times is packed with instances of gender discrimination out there, somewhere, wherever. But, gender discrimination is receding as the issue of the day. Even gays and lesbians don’t care for the Trans. Trans threaten Title IX and that threatens feminists — so the sexual discrimination people are left out. And don’t get me started on “bi’s” and “queers.” Confusing! Confusion does not work well when it comes to setting fires and building barricades. No, Marxism needs passion, energy, and, dare we say, a certain je ne sais pas, laissez faire, to succeed. It requires an injustice that applies to many and will convince them to abandon their Teslas and their futures for revolution.

How about access to healthcare? Healthcare is critical. But it is also boring policy wonkery. That won’t work. The labor movement might be the best way to spur Marxist appeal. But labor sounds like work with one’s hands and unskilled work is not something street people want to do and not something with which white middle-class college students are familiar.

Well, how about we organize our Marxist redevelopment movement around the environment? It’s a sure-fire winner. Global Climate Change. The apocalypse. Kill capitalism before it kills all of us in 12 years. Children must be told, indoctrinated, punished, and sent forth to destroy their individual freedom. Everyone knows free markets carry externalities — costs borne by others for our consumption — and those externalities require everyone else to give up their second homes, private planes, climate change conferences, and villas on Lake Como. Note: environmentalism has a flaw. It demands people give up stuff like internet servers and electricity when you need it. So Marxists have to make a really compelling case to convince people to riot so others will give up their cars.

That is not the only problem with the Marxist movement riding on the back of the Climate Change Movement. The whole Climate Change thingy began with Global Warming which began as an equation and a bench-scale model, which was recreated with software, which then never quite explained what is actually going on, and which now looks enormously foolish after over 30 years of predicted calamity that never seems to happen. Yes, we have had concerts, celebrities singing Beatles’ songs, and endless scolding about the rapaciousness of the free market system and its destruction on all our lives. We are all hyped up to live in constant anxiety, hysteria, and panic knowing we have only 12, … 11, …. 10 years left before the mass extinction occurs. But, we also know that every morning we get up, yesterday was hot, today is cooler, the spring was not as warm as usual, winter seemed mild … and the Weather Channel video narrator and Anderson Cooper are shouting in the background about some tornado, hurricane, or flood which doesn’t seem to be as serious as the last hyped one. We also realize that when we build billions of dollars of housing and beachfront property, the losses from minor storms can be devastating. Why is it the beaches, flatlands, and lowlands seem to flood or be riven with high winds? This might explain why people did not live in mobile homes or next to these disaster-prone zones a century ago. Do the Marxist Climatistas consider this?

To make matter worse, climatologists, climate profiteers, and serious scientists are beginning to doubt the inconvenient truths they peddled. Al Gore might even be asked to return his Oscar. Former Advocate of Calamity Michael Shellenberger, a one-time true apostle of the Church of Science, has written a book detailing the over-selling and fantasy of the climate change movement and its Gestapo like censorship of those who question. The book is ‘Apocalypse Never’ and it is an apology! If Michael Shellenberger can slip the noose (note, this is a metaphor, not a racial reference), along with other serious scientists, climate experts, and advocates, then who knows, maybe Michael Moore will make a movie revealing the hypocrisy of the entire Mass Extinction, greatest crisis in history, movement? And that is what Michael Moore did. Truth, the inconvenient — inconvenient kind, is seeping out. Soon enough, those who spurn meat to protect their grandchildren will be back eating Wagyu steaks and drinking bottled water out of plastic.

Climate Change looked like a winner for the Marxists. It seemed to require a complete unmaking and remaking of the world economy – and the disintermediation of the ownership of the means of production. Like a polar bear tearing the head off a baby seal, climate change stirred popular passion and often total panic. How could such a sure thing fail the Marxists in their hour of need? The Democrats joined in because they love big government and believe it will solve all problems – Democrats are what Lenin called, “useful idiots.” They loved climate change and all the wailing and self-adoration it provided! And then there are the super foolish investment managers in Boston and San Francisco who polished their virtue by investing in renewables and endlessly distribute press releases announcing their commitment to disinvest from carbon while building energy devouring server hubs and investing in electron nibbling apps and meal-delivery services. Topping off the insanity cake, the Green with Envy Climate Change believers are so pure they even spurned nuclear power, the one truly clean (mostly clean) burning (decaying?) fuel.

By killing off carbon and nuclear at the same time, the Marxists tricked Democrats, the woke, the empathy crowd, and capitalists into curtailing electricity, curbing growth, and eventually bringing about Marx’s predicted collapse of capitalism. As Charlie Sheen would say, “Winning!” Marxists knew inside they hit a gold mine or a collective wheat farm and this confluence and convergence would set the stage for instability, political collapse, and revolution. Out with Constitutional government and in with the Committee of Public Safety!

Well, that is not working out. What the Marxists now need is a new way into the hearts and Facebook pages of the world’s most intelligent and least learned generation. Hmm? What can stir up envy, resentment, passion, and rage? It should generate enormous guilt – so much guilt people stop thinking. And it must carry horrible consequences and injustice so the truth can be modified to fit the Marxist purpose so reason evaporates. What could possibly create mass hysteria and provoke $250,000 a year attorney’s to throw a Molotov back rather than an artisanal cocktail? Race and racism!

That’s the ticket! Marxism has captured race and racism and now more whites are supporting MBLM demonstrations than blacks (since blacks fall into two camps, a very small portion who loot and shoot in the name of justice while most blacks want orderly redress as they watch their homes and neighborhood grocery stores burn). Marxists know most American white youth with their degrees in “studies” (e.g., Sustainable Studies, Futurity Studies, Relationship Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies) are easy to manipulate since they are unacquainted with hardship, history (herstory), or facts. This makes them easily convinced they have done something wrong and must repent (just not in church). And in case you were not paying attention, Antifa is against “fa.” But it is also Marxist. And it knows how to demonstrate with the best of them as well as leave the “M” out of MANTIFA.

Is this a perfect storm or what? Out with the Climate Change nonsense. Time to ride the RACISM horse. After all, Marx was right. Communism is coming. So just join in and go along with it. No worries. Be happy. 

And ignore the fact that Marx was a racist.


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