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The US Military Is Heading To Gaza

During his State of the Union address Thursday night, President Joe Biden announced an order for the U.S. Military to build a port in the Gaza Strip for the delivery of humanitarian aid. The move comes as Iranian backed terrorist organization Hamas, which started the war against Israel on October 7, continues to steal aid trucks sent into the area by Israel, Jordan and other countries. Hamas is still holding more than 100 hostages, including six Americans… 


Drastic And Irreversible Climate Geoengineering Worries Scientists

According to governments and global bodies such as the United Nations, the Earth is too hot and only getting hotter and the efforts to reduce carbon dioxide aren’t having enough of an effect. A private company is already sending balloons filled with sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere. NASA is considering flying ice into the atmosphere…


The Biden Administration Is Set To Transform Rural America With A 55 Million Acre Federal Energy Plan

According to the Biden Department Of The Interior, the plan is a broad based vision to make America the leader in alternative energy independence. Others see it as the largest Federal Government land grab in the history of the country: designed to shut out farmers, ranchers, miners, outdoor enthusiasts and the oil and coal industries from use of domestic, public lands…