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A Crisis Every Month: The Worst Disasters Of Joe Biden’s Third Year

Congratulations, America — you’ve survived your third year of being bossed around by Joe “Big Guy” Dementia Biden. You might be poorer, more depressed, and more likely to end up drafted for a foreign war than you were when he hobbled into the White House three years ago last Saturday, but you’ve finally made it to the year you get to vote him out, if you’re smart enough...


JB Shurk: Trump Is America’s ‘Coat’ Against The Coming Globalist Winter

Market researcher and financial cycle analyst Charles Nenner has described Donald Trump in an insightful way.  In an interview earlier this month, Nenner predicted that we are simultaneously entering both a devastating global war cycle and a damaging downward financial spiral that cannot be stopped and will likely cause more human misery than the world has endured for quite some time…


The US Supreme Court Looks Set To Limit Federal Governance And Restore Power To We The People

Are we truly a nation of, by, and for the people, as Lincoln put it, if our elected representatives aren’t the ones actually making the decisions affecting our lives? For a long time they haven’t been making many of those decisions, too, having essentially “outsourced” them to judges and bureaucrats. But two cases currently before the Supreme Court could help remedy this problem and force Congress to do its job — and could restore power to the people...