Destruction Of Arlington Civil War Confederate Memorial Continues Today After Latest Court Ruling

The toppling of the Confederate Memorial in Arlington National Cemetery (ANC) resumed on Wednesday, after an attempt to halt the process of dismantling it failed in the courts.



ederal judge Rossie D. Alston Jr rejected a bid by the Defend Arlington group to stop the desecration of the memorial, which doubles as the grave of its Jewish designer, Moses Ezekiel.

Indeed Ezekiel himself said at the time that he was modeling the memorial to portray the South rising above its sacrifices and privations.

“The intention is that it is a peace monument,” he said:

“Without forgetting the sacrifices and the heroism of the South, and emphasizing the fact that they were fighting for a constitutional right, and not to uphold slavery, I have attempted to have the dominant idea the future and not the past, to show that the intention of the South is to rest the future on her industry and her agriculture, and let the past go, but not be forgotten.”

In his memoirs, Ezekiel wrote:

“None of us had ever fought for slavery and, in fact, were opposed to it. It was an evil that we had inherited and that he wanted to get rid of. Our struggle… was simply a constitutional one.”

Even President Obama carried on with the tradition of sending a wreath each year to the Confederate Memorial.

But now, a woke coterie of military veterans and politicians are attempting to invert Ezekiel’s idea – not letting the past go, but attempting at the same time to have it forgotten.

“I hope you would understand that the illustrations on that memorial may be difficult and hurtful to some people,” Alston said, declaring: “We should not be celebrating slavery – that’s what some people believe.”

The memorial was designed in 1914, long after the abolition of slavery, and was designed to represent peace and reconciliation between North and South, while providing the dwindling number of Confederate veterans and their families with a place to honor their fallen comrades and relatives.

The Biden regime set its sights on toppling the memorial early on, with a so-called Naming Commission established to purge various historic monuments branding it “problematic from top to bottom.”

The decision to trash the stunning monument was made over a year ago part of efforts to erase Confederate iconography from America. Objections raised by over 40 Republican congressmen eventually went unheeded, with a total sum of over $62 million allocated for the removal of a number of Confederate and otherwise “problematic” statues.

In their haste, they will be desecrating the graves of many, including Ezekiel himself, who was buried at the Arlington National Cemetery site in 1921. He is famed for dozens of works, including the memorial, as well as a B’nai Brith statue to religious liberty in Philadelphia, statues of Raphael, Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and even long-standing Columbus, Jefferson, Stonewall Jackson and Edgar Allan Poe statues. All of these will now surely be called into question.

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin says he plans to relocate the statue to the New Market battlefield state historical park in the Shenandoah Valley.✪


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