Essay: No, We Do Not Need To Change The American Flag

First it was the Confederate statues because they represented racist micro-aggressions. Then it was any statue of any slaveowner. Now, it is the flag of the United States…

Anyone knowledgeable of how totalitarian aggression operates knew it would not stop at the statues. Anyone who has ever read George Orwell’s Animal Farm knew the objective was slow, incremental chips at the core of the symbolism of the United States. Yet, the left is adroit at propaganda and indoctrination, so there should be no surprise this is where we are presently. 

The recent rhetoric favoring a new flag for the country is the latest attack by liberals trying to delegitimize the nation to promote their radical agenda. The problem is contemporary liberals conflate unfortunate societal norms of certain time periods and hold our country to different standards than the rest of human civilization. It is supercilious virtue signaling to question who the flag represents. The flag of the United States of America represents all people living here and it always has.

World history did not begin in 1776 and it has always unfortunately been brutal and messy. Yes, the country has its past sins but those are no different than any other country or civilization that has ever existed. Liberals have this habit of emphasizing the ills of American history while ignoring the concurrent ills of human civilization. This is done to make America appear worse—even when other countries, societies, and civilizations were suffering the same injustices.

Liberal critics frequently bring up slavery as the preeminent example of America’s original sin. Slavery—an institution that has existed since the beginning of human civilization—is a blemish on our country’s past. It was an unjust and oppressive system that enabled free white men—and actually some free black men and Native Americans as well—to own African slaves. Yet, it was also a blemish on the rest of the world’s past too. It was America who fought a Civil War to end it, however.

And for many years, women were denied the right to vote in the U.S. And while many liberals like to criticize this injustice, the criticism often omits other nations across the globe that did the same thing. Yet it was the cherished ideals of American freedom that the flag represents that pushed the country to be one of the leaders in women’s suffrage—establishing this right before many countries in Europe, South America, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.  

And no one will dispute that these injustices were wrong, yet the ideals represented by our American flag are what differentiate us from the rest of history and paved the foundation for the democratic principles and liberty to prevail to enable all people to be free—even if it took longer than those of us in the 21st century would have liked. While slavery started in Africa as tribal leaders captured their own people and sold them to European traders, it was the principles that the flag represented in which 625,000 men died in a war to end it—even while it continues on the African continent until this day.

Through good and bad, the American flag represents everyone. It represents the freedom to criticize the flag and the rights that come with protecting those who do the criticizing. It represents everyone’s freedom and everyone’s potential to fulfill their dreams, perhaps never more so than in the 21st century.The sins of America are the same sins as those of every civilization in world history. The difference is that under the American flag, we fought to correct those sins. The American flag did not start any of the societal ills and oppression that existed in human civilization but it sure did a lot to end them—so that everyone is represented. ✪

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