OP-ED: Will A New Republican Era Emerge From The Democrat Wreckage?

Last weekend, Democrats passed yet another piece of Orwellian tripe.  The nation’s ruin is ongoing, by incompetence and design.  Get this: it’s called the “Inflation Reduction Act,” which is about spending three-quarters of a trillion dollars and raising taxes.

This is happening at the outset of a recession.  Didn’t anybody tell these Democrats that jacking up spending and hiking taxes only makes recessions — and inflation — worse?  Have Democrats heard about stagflation?  But Democrats don’t listen to anybody. They take as gospel theNew Monetary Theory,” which is an intellectualized ruse which allows them to spend like teenagers on spring break.   

Worse still, Uncle Sam can’t ever tax rich people enough to cover all the spending.  So, Sam intends to prowl for more money from working- and middle-class folk.  And when that fails, there’s always more debt. 

Since Uncle Sam’s credit cards have no limits, he’s already spent with gleeful abandon for more years than we care to count. The nation is only $30 trillion in debt and growing.  What’s another paltry $750 billion atop all the other spending spacey Joe Biden has signed into law? 

And when Sam can’t scratch up enough new taxes from average folk, why not strong arm the Federal Reserve savants to crank up the printing presses?  And, for heaven’s sake, make them stop the incremental interest rate hikes.  Never get in the way of Democrat spending binges.          

This mighty inflation-fighting measure, backed by fake centrist Kristen Sinema and oily Joe Manchin, contains provisions to battle “manmade climate change,” which is gobs of tripe pawned off by elites who want more power over our lives and/or who’ve abandoned God only to embrace Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ditzy conceit that tiny humans can destroy an entire planet — within the next dozen years. 

To forestall the End Times, Democrats insist we must halt the scourge of combustible engines, heating and cooling our homes, plastic straws, and cow farts or the world becomes a carbon- and methane-shrouded hell. Only people with newly minted Ivy League degrees believe that pile of cow pats.         

To stick it to us, the legislation more than doubles the number of IRS agents, adding a whopping 87,000 new hires. And like the chronic liars they are, Democrats say that muscling up the IRS is about squeezing every penny possible from their elite chums who run Democrat speech enforcement tech outfits like Google, Twitter, and Facebook. Or squeezing weirdo depopulationist and Klaus Schwab’s buddy Bill Gates. Right.

The Democrats are also “sending hither swarms of officers to harass our people.” In other words, the IRS will paper average Americans with ominous letters. 

Congressional Democrats are dictating this to financially struggling Americans: either pay up or face audits. Or face audits anyway, because Uncle Sam plans to grab every worn copper penny he can from our pockets. 

Speaking of the Declaration of Independence, this country is sorely in need of emancipation from Democrats, the Left, would-be oligarchs who bankroll the aforementioned, and absurdly named progressives who want us to swim in the cultural sewer that they’ve taken to like fish. 

The Inflation Reduction Act is merely the latest in a “long train of abuses and usurpations” over the last dozen years or so. The intent is to reduce Americans to penury, government dependence, and fear of cancellation. In Alice in Wonderland fashion, we’re told by Democrats that their serial failures — the utter bankruptcy of their ideas, policies, governance, and morality — is “build back better.”   

But a majority of Americans who heretofore, have had differences — are coalescing, in that none are experiencing any building back better.  Inflation stretches paychecks to breaking, energy costs squeeze family budgets, their athlete daughters are forced to compete against male hulks mainlining estrogen, and crime and homicides explode in big cities like Chicago and New York. 

Drag shows and the Cult of Woke have descended on their kids’ schools like gnarly vultures. All the while, Americans watch incredulously as a smug, credentialed halfwit and diversity box check, Pete Buttigieg, tells us that overpricing energy is good for electric car sales.  We suffer from higher energy costs to do our parts “saving the planet.”  Never mind that Pete’s elite status gives him all sorts of passes from suffering.

A couple of weeks ago at American Spectator, Scott McKay wrote an intriguing piece on the coming end of the long Democrat era, and a squalid end it will be. 

It’s not altogether unreasonable to see such numbers and conclude America is ending. But the good news is that America is not ending. What’s ending is the current political era — the New Deal/Great Society/military-industrial complex/foreign adventurism/Big Media reality — that we’ve been in since 1932. All that’s required to banish it is a Republican Party worthy of doing so.

Of course, the fly in the ointment is the Republican Party — or the establishment factions that are mostly sold-out, politically incompetent, and feckless. 

Mitch McConnell is repelled by the notion that this year’s midterms and the 2024 presidential contest must be driven by big, bold ideas and stark contrasts. He wants to play small ball, which is a loser’s game.    

McKay tends to believe that the GOP will find ways to overcome its modern propensity to back down, make nice, and sell out to Democrats. Once upon a time, the Republican Party led by Abe Lincoln, wasn’t so dainty. Lincoln Republicans led the nation to victory in the Civil War. 

Though the nation’s history has seen Democrats and Republicans swap places in the driver’s seat, inevitability can’t be assumed. It’s possible that the GOP won’t rise to the occasion and that the country enters a gray zone: a protracted period of greater flux, instability, and conflict. 

However, Democrats are a spent force and the raid on Mar-a-Lago was an act of desperation. Their obvious corruption and authoritarian impulses since retaking Congress in 2018 and throughout the Biden presidency reveals that they’re unable to govern democratically. Instead, they constantly seek to impose their will & failed policies on Americans.      

If a new GOP era dawns, it won’t come about thanks to a bunch of congressional hand wringers. Yes, there are still a few Republican warriors in Congress – Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Josh Hawley, Rick Scott, Ted Cruz, and some others. Other stout souls may be elected this autumn; but most are ballast. 

A new Republican era will come about with victory in the 2024 presidential sweepstakes. Either Trump or DeSantis would provide bold leadership and set new legislative agendas. Either man must induce and cajole congressional Republicans to follow. Andy Jackson, Abe Lincoln, and FDR were the drivers who changed the nation’s trajectory during their times in office.

A congressional takeover by the GOP in the midterms is about stopping and investigating Democrats and sending big legislative initiatives to Biden’s desk. He’s sure to veto those, but doing so will still position Republicans smartly with voters two years hence. 

Finally, this from Newt Gingrich:

If this big election tsunami is going to materialize into what could be the worst Democrat Party repudiation since 1920, Republicans need to understand two things: First, this is an American Majority — not a Republican Majority or a Conservative Majority. Americans of all ethnic and partisan backgrounds are coming together to reject unsustainable pain for their families, communities, and our free society. Second, tsunamis grow out of a big election strategy — not from trying to add up a whole series of small elections.  

Gingrich is right over the target but do Republicans have the guts and sense to drop the bombs? ✪ 

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