Coronavirus: The Contagion Of Media Fear & Propaganda

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☆ OP-ED: Is There Another Agenda Behind The Media’s Virus Narrative?

“The virus is coming, the virus is coming.” The story the press should be featuring is: “our coverage of so-called panic is creating panic.”  RUN THAT PIECE.

The press is piling on, as it always does.  A story, true or false—-it doesn’t matter—-describes how basic items are disappearing from store shelves in a town like there’s no tomorrow.

The STORY causes fear.  So more products disappear from store shelves in more places.  Now a NEW story with photos of empty shelves takes center stage.  More fear.  More panic buying.  And so forth and so on.  The build-out of propaganda.

The psychological equation is: if there is fear, then the virus must be dangerous.  But this is actually like saying: if a man walking on a street at night believes a mugger is about to parachute out of the sky, the sky-mugger must be real.

The story the press should be featuring is: “our coverage of so-called panic is creating panic.”  RUN THAT PIECE.

“Today in Manhattan, six greed-head editors of major newspapers and television news outlets met to discuss how their coverage is causing more and more fear.  They agreed they were collaborating to incur a desired reaction…”

“Hey, guess what?” five hundred thousand readers and viewers of mainstream news say immediately.  “THEY’RE making us afraid.”  If only that could happen, we’d be living in a different world.

The press is also cross-cutting stories.  This technique works well.  In the middle of a piece about empty store shelves, we’re suddenly treated to a statement from some public health official, who says, “Epidemic cases are coming to America.  We can’t stop them.”  Now you have two themes; each one gives added strength to the other.  But wait.  There’s more.  In the SAME STORY, we read or hear about a man in Montana or Arizona who has been identified as a carrier of the virus.  He’s being sequestered in a hospital.  It’s a triple play.  Three streams of nonsense pouring into one another.

We’re not nearly finished yet, because…social media.  Someone takes the above story and flashes it on Twitter.  Comments stretch out.  A Twitter reader with a YouTube account sits down and turns out a quick video and posts it.  His twist is: this is the big one; doomsday; it’s a planned attack using the coronavirus.

Comments below the video feature a brawl about whether the virus was made in a lab, leaked out of the lab, or was designed as a weapon.  And if a weapon, who did it?  The Americans?  The Chinese?

YouTube demonetizes the video.  This gives rise to several articles in the “alternative press.”

Now, a scuzzy outlet uses the demonetized video to make a point: people shouldn’t fly off the handle with conspiracy theories; instead they should listen to the medical authorities talking sense about the virus.Of course, the medical authorities are blowing out tons of their own version of fear porn.  They’re the propaganda experts. They use “science” to make their claims.

There are what, 20 or 30 supposed cases of the supposed coronavirus in America, out of a population of 300 hundred million?  As I’ve detailed, the diagnostic tests, on which “new cases” are based, are worthless.  But no matter.  Join the Club of Fear.  Your friends are in the Club.  You don’t want to feel left out, do you?

Soon, I expect this kind of story: “Today, in Rigatoni, Delaware, a man in a supermarket unleashed a volley of profanities at the store manager, because the shelves were fully stocked…”

“Authorities transported the man to a local hospital, where he was interviewed briefly by a resident psychiatrist, who then gave a statement to the press: “I believe Mr. (name withheld) was correct.  The store manager gave the wrong impression to shoppers.  The stocked shelves could impart the message that we are in a condition of social normalcy, which is far from true.  The virus is a very serious and immediate problem.  I have contacted the town council.  I recommend products should be removed from the supermarket shelves…”