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US Treausury Under Biden Admin Issues Quarter Featuring Racist, Anti-Capitalist Poet Maya Angelou

Poetry is all but dead in this generation and the last. And black nationalist poets rank somewhere from terrible (Maya Angelou) to vile deranged racism (Amiri Baraka) to pathetic nonsense (Audre Lorde) to “Does she even understand the concept of poetry or words” (Amanda Gorman)…


The EIGHT Times Leftists Have Broken Into Government Buildings To Assault Democracy

Self-absorbed congressional Democrats held a group therapy session on Capitol Hill on Thursday as they work tirelessly to immortalize Jan. 6 as an annual day of doom, but the rest of us are old enough to remember a few more times when their riots and protests overwhelmed government buildings with no such theatrical response…


6 Basic Concepts Liberals Don’t Get

There’s a famous saying often attributed to Edmund Burke: “If you are not a liberal at 25, you have no heart.  If you are not a conservative at 35 you have no brain.”  Youth is attracted to liberalism because its ideals sound good — they really do.  You’d have to be some kind of monster not to want to save the planet, lift up the poor, correct past injustices, and share equally in Earth’s bounty...