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Joe Biden Says If China Invades Taiwan, We’re Going To War

Does Old Joe Biden, having destroyed the American economy and severely threatened national security by essentially erasing the Southern border, want to get us into World War III, or is he just an elderly man in the throes of dementia who shouldn’t be running around loose with the international media hanging on his every word, saying things that could provoke a global crisis? 


Democrats Name Their New Latino Outreach Program After Communist Slogan Popularized By Fidel Castro

The Democrat Party is desperate to bolster its flagging support among Latino voters heading into the midterm elections. Finally accepting the fact that the word “Latinx” is weird and stupid—something white liberals do to feel better about themselves—is a good first start. Alas, the Democratic National Committee has chosen a rather unfortunate name for its new “signature outreach program” to target Latino voters…


Biden Administration SEC & FTC Launch Investigation Into Musk Twitter Purchase

The Empire strikes back: the Biden SEC is investigating Tesla CEO for tardy notification after buying 5% of Twitter’s stock; the FTC has separate probe under way of purchase reporting. The government investigations were announced one day after Musk promised to restore Trump’s account status on Twitter…