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Joe Biden To Deliver ‘Stark Warning’ Address To Unvaccinated And Push COVID Booster Shots

Get vaccinated, get your booster shots, and prepare for a grim winter ahead if you defy official instructions. That is the message President Joe Biden will deliver Tuesday when he addresses the nation on the latest government plan to counter the surging coronavirus omicron variant...


Marxist Seattle City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant On Track To Beat Recall Effort

Seattle’s openly Marxist city councilwoman Kshama Sawant appears to have narrowly defeated an attempted recall campaign and will likely hold onto her seat. Sawant was trailing by six percentage points in the first ballot drop, but she took the lead late last week as additional ballots were counted. At a press conference on Friday, Sawant celebrated the victory and claimed it was “brought to you by the political ideas and clarity of Socialist Alternative,” the councilwoman’s radical leftist political party…


Commentary: The Biden Regime’s Crackdown On Thought Crimes


The Biden Administration is seeking to radically narrow the boundaries of respectable American political thought. The administration has repeatedly issued statements and reports that could automatically castigate citizens who distrust the federal government. We may eventually learn that the new Biden guidelines spurred a vast increase in federal surveillance and other abuses against Americans who were guilty of nothing more than vigorous skepticism...